Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer your most frequently asked questions here. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What are your hours of operation?

Who can benefit from programs offered at DayBreak Senior Services?

What is the criteria for enrollment at DayBreak Senior Services?

What is the process to enroll in DayBreak?

What kind of daily activities do you provide?

What are your rates? How does DayBreak compare to other senior care services?

What payment options do you accept? Are funding options are available?

Is there a long-term agreement involved? What happens if we need to end our participation in DayBreak’s program?

How do you schedule participants?

Do you administer medications?

Do you provide transportation services?

DayBreak Senior Services is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. We are closed the following holidays in 2023:

Monday, January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, May 29: Memorial Day
Tuesday, July 4: Independence Day
Monday, September 4: Labor Day
Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24: Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday, December 25 and Tuesday, December 26: Christmas Holiday
Monday, January 1, 2024: New Years Holiday

The Following People Benefit from DayBreak Senior Services:

  • Senior adults 65 and older (exceptions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis).
  • Seniors who meet DayBreak’s Criteria for Enrollment.
  • Senior adults experiencing memory impairment including dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Senior adults diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Senior adults who suffer from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, frailty and physical dependence.
  • Senior adults who are forced to stay at home, but would benefit from the social interaction to avoid isolation and depression.
  • Senior adults who have recovered from strokes or brain injuries but continue to need an ongoing program of physical and mental exercise.
  • The families and caregivers of the elderly who need daily respite to enjoy time-off from constantly caring for their loved ones.
  • The ratio of CNA’s to participants will never be beyond 1:6. Participants will not require one-on-one supervision for the entire time they are attending DayBreak Senior Services.  
  • Participants should not cause harm, either physical or emotional, to themselves or others. Individuals exhibiting the following behaviors will not be eligible for enrollment at DayBreak and could lead to discharge if these behaviors/habits develop while attending DayBreak:
    • Causing physical harm to self or others.
    • Wandering that cannot be redirected.
    • Physical health requiring one-on-one supervision.
    • Constant, disruptive behavior that results in other clients’ agitation.
    • Inability to attend or participate in any of the activities. 
    • Inability to transfer with the help of one person. 
    • Inability to ambulate independently or with assistance of wheelchair or walker.
    • Inability to eat independently or with minimal cueing and/or assistance.
    • Inability to display adequate toileting hygiene to prevent odors.  
    • Inability to maintain bowel control with minimal assistance. 
    • May have minimal urine incontinence and allow staff to assist as needed.  
  • Participants must be able to communicate their needs to staff, verbally or written, or through body language. 
  • Participant cannot require any form of restraint as DayBreak Senior Services is not able to use restraint, either physical or medicinal.  
  • Anyone interested in attending DayBreak Senior Services should contact us to schedule a tour and complimentary nurse evaluation. The nurse evaluation will be interactive between the participant, caregivers, Program Director and DayBreak Nurse. Evaluation will include both medical and social history. Nurse evaluations are traditionally scheduled Monday – Thursday both daytime and evening hours may be available.
  • Responsible parties are encouraged to bring a list of all medications and diagnosis to the nurse evaluation.
  • DayBreak will submit physician orders and release of records to participants’ physicians of choice.
  • The physician will indicate that DayBreak is an appropriate setting for the participant and indicate any reasonable accommodations as well as a list of medications. (note DayBreak cannot administer any medication that is not included in the physician order.)
  • Once physician orders and medical records are received, DayBreak Nurse and Program Director will review and determine eligibility.
  • All eligible participants will complete a signing party with the Program Director then participants are welcome to start attending as often as they want! The process to determine eligibility typically takes 5-7 days; although, it could be longer based on the response from the physician.

The DayBreak activities program provides a mix of the following types of activities:

  • Social activities that provide opportunities for social interaction, friendship formation, and caring relationships.  
  • Cultural activities that contribute to a sense of self-worth and connection to community or society.  
  • Educational activities that provide opportunities to learn new ideas and to possibly rekindle old skills.
  • Therapeutic activities, such as art, crafts, music, playing with pets, and gardening that nurture the human spirit and allow for personal expressions of emotions and feelings. 
  • Recreation activities that refresh the mind or body, amuse the individual, and stimulate pleasant thoughts and attitudes. 
  • Opportunities for rest, relaxation and individual time to engage in personal preferences.

Things to know about the DayBreak Senior Services Activities program:  

  • Choice of activities is based on participant needs and interest.  
  • Both group and individual activities are provided as needed.  
  • Participants are encouraged to contribute to the planning and implementation of program activities to the best of their ability.  
  • DayBreak staff supervises all activities.  
  • Participants have the right to refuse to participate in any given activity. 

DayBreak Senior Services is the most affordable senior care option for those who wish to remain at home. We offer a daily rate that includes nine hours of care, all activities, supplies and meals. There are no long-term commitments. 

DayBreak Senior Services Private Pay Fee:

$94/day for 1-4 days of care a week
$84/day for 5 days of care a week
Minimum one day per week.

Average Cost of Care in Utah:

Assisted Living / Memory Care: $4,420/month (or more depending on location)
In-Home Care: $25.25/hour (or more depending on needs)
At just $10.44 an hour for nine hours, DayBreak is the most affordable senior care option! 

DayBreak Senior Services accepts credit/debit cards, cash and checks for all Private Pay participants. DayBreak proudly serves Utah Veterans as the only contracted Adult Day Care Center with the VA. If your or your loved one is a Veteran and you do not know your benefits, please contact DayBreak Senior Services and we will help connect you with the VA to learn if coverage is available.

DayBreak is also an approved vendor with qualified individuals through Medicaid and we are contracted with both Davis and Weber County as part of their Caregiver Support Programs. Please contact your perspective county to learn about available benefits.

If you have a long-term care insurance policy, it will often pay for adult day care services. Since each policy is unique, please visit with your insurance company to verify coverage. DayBreak can assist in filing claims. 

Is there a long-term agreement involved? What happens if we need to end our participation in DayBreak’s program?

No. There is no long-term agreement required to attend DayBreak Senior Services. Participation at DayBreak Senior Services Center is voluntary and participants may discontinue participation at any time by notifying DayBreak Senior Services in writing. DayBreak Senior Services does not issue any refunds for paid for, unused days. It is the responsibility of the participant and/or family to gather any belongings left at DayBreak within 30 days of discharge.  Any items left after that time become property to DayBreak.

Additionally, DayBreak Senior Services may stop participant attendance at the facility under the following conditions:

  • When DayBreak Senior Services can no longer meet the needs of the participant, DayBreak discharges the participant. Discharge also occurs if the participant is absent for over 16 expected days, or 60 calendar days. 
  • If at any time a participant poses a danger to self or others or cannot otherwise tolerate a group environment, DayBreak Senior Services discharges the participant immediately. 
  • If a participant can no longer bear weight during transfer, DayBreak Senior Services may, depending on the situation, discharge the participant. 
  • When DayBreak can no longer meet the participant’s needs safely or adequately DayBreak will discharge the participant. 
  • DayBreak Senior Services gives verbal and written notification of discharge, unless the situation warrants immediate discharge. 
  • DayBreak staff will notify family or caregivers when problems begin, alerting them to the possibility of discharge. Staff and families will make every option available to remedy the situation. DayBreak will attempt to provide two-week or longer notice that discharge is likely. 
  • Unless clearly unable, the participant shall be informed of and participate in discharge planning.
  • DayBreak Senior Services staff works with families to make this transition as easy as possible by assisting with referrals. 

All DayBreak schedules are created a month in advance. No matter what program is managing billing, monthly schedules are due the last day of the month for the month ahead.

  • Example: Schedule provided to Program Director by February 28: Every Tuesday, Thursday in March  from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Pre-scheduling your days and times in advance guarantees your spot in our program for that day and time. Failure to do so may result in our inability to accommodate you on desired dates.

To receive medication at DayBreak Senior Services current orders must be on file from the attending physician. Participants or their families are responsible for bringing the medication in the original container from the pharmacy with the current dosage and description label attached. Ask the pharmacist to label a separate container for DayBreak’s use so that the participant brings only the necessary amount of medication to DayBreak Direct Care Staff. 

The label shall include: 

  • Name of the Participant 
  • Name of the Physician 
  • Name of the Drug 
  • Date Prescription Filled 
  • Prescription Number 
  • Dosage per Tablet
  • Prescribed Amount 
  • Prescribed Frequency 

Participants must be able to self-administer medication. DayBreak staff is able to secure and prepare medication to ensure the right dose, right person, right time per the physician order; however, the participant must be able to take that medication on their own. DayBreak Senior Services keeps the medications and the medication log in a locked cabinet. When the participant takes the medication, the staff writes in the log, the time and amount, as well as any refused or contaminated medication. When the participant brings in medication, two staff members verify the number of medication units within the storage container. OTC medicine must be stored in the original label container.

DayBreak can provide one-way or roundtrip transportation to and from our facility via six passenger van or luxury sedan. Transportation is based off availability, capacity current route time and geographic location from our facility. 

Transportation Cost:

$15 one way | $30 roundtrip